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About Me

20150711_0001This web page is dedicated to two of my passions; hiking and photography. Hiking for me began at an early age, with my father taking me on my first multi-day backpacking trip in the Mount Jefferson Wilderness area at age 10. Growing up in the mid-Willamette Valley I made countless hikes over the years, primarily in the Mount Jefferson area. Since then I have hiked in many of the major Oregon Wilderness areas.


However, hiking for me also includes any excuse to get out into the woods, regardless of whether there are established hiking trails or not. This includes such things as hunting every fall, searching for lost railroad trestles, bushwacking up rugged Coast Range river canyons, basically finding any excuse I can to get out into the woods.20111015_0001


For photography on the trail I prefer to stay light and compact, and am currently using a Sony A6000. I take all pictures in Raw mode, then process using Adobe Lightroom and OnOne Software's Perfect Photo Suite.


I hope you enjoy this photo gallery as much as I had visiting the locations they were taken from. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Dave Schmidt (aka Trekker Dave)