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Little Luckiamute Home

Welcome to my Little Luckiamute home page, an entire section dedicated to the upper drainage of the Little Luckiamute River. Specifically, this is the area covered by the old Little Luckiamute Trail which extended from the abandoned logging town of Black Rock to above the Little Luckiamute Falls. Growing up in Dallas, Oregon I frequented this area many times throughout the mid to late 1970’s. This section includes pictures from as far back as 1979, but mainly consists of pictures from trips over the past several years.

For an overview of the area, including a little history, and my connection with the area, see the About the Little Luckiamute page.

My most recent trips exploring the lower and main Little Luckiamute falls can be found here and here.

Several 2011 trips to the upper and main Little Luckiamute falls can be found here.

Our overly-ambitious Little Luckiamute Trail bushwhack can be found here.

1979-1994 photos of my earlier excursions into upper waterfall area can be found here.

I've included a few maps and Google Earth images of the area which can be found here.

Watch a video that was combined from three separate trips showing the lower falls, the main Little Luckiamute Falls, and the upper falls.

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