Backpacking  2014 - Central Mount Jefferson Wilderness  [120]

2014 - Central Mount Jefferson Wilderness

August 2014 four day backpacking trip to the central Mount Jefferson Wilderness area. Our route started at the Duffy Lake trail head, first nights camp at Jorn Lake in Eight Lakes Basin, second nights camp at Carl Lake, third nights camp at Shale Lake, and out to the Pamelia Lake trail head on the last day. This was at times a challenging hike, including an unplanned (and as it turned out unnecessary) bushwhack, total distance of nearly 40 miles, and covered elevation ranges from 3200 to 6500 feet. Scenery ranged from some of the most heavily burned portions of the 2003 B&B fire to beautiful high alpine meadows. Overall, it was another great multi-day backpacking trip.