Backpacking  2005 - Timberline Trail Around Mount Hood  [150]

2005 - Timberline Trail Around Mount Hood

The hike around Mount Hood via the Pacific Crest and Timberline trails is a classic Oregon backpacking excursion. With a distance of 38 miles, breaking the trip into 4 days is most typical. Although averaging under 10 miles per-day this hike is still quite challenging, with a total vertical ascent/descent of over 12,000 feet. This hike has everything from high alpine flowered meadows, to deep old-growth forests, to numerous and sometimes difficult stream crossings, to barren moonscape-like landscapes, all the while having near continuous spectacular views of Mount Hood itself. My apologies ahead of time for the poor photo quality in this gallery. In 2005 I was using a 4 mega-pixel camera with no raw format capabilities.